Your skin should always shine like you do, but it can only do so when it is taken care of properly with quality products. Your skin matters to us. Come into Kika Lash Boutique to learn about the proper way to care for your skin, including what products you should use, and receive treatments to make you feel fresh and renewed. We strive to make all of our clients feel like individuals whenever they are with us. To accomplish that, we get to know you on a personal level and provide you with skin care custom to your skin type and what your specific skin needs are. Everyone’s skin is different, so the care it receives should be different too.

The skin care we offer at Kika Lash Boutique goes way further than just products that can be applied to your face. We also have makeup products that complement specific skin types and provide makeup application for clients for all their special occasions. We can apply makeup traditionally, and also have airbrush services. Kika Lash Boutique also provides eyelash aftercare,  oil-free cleanser, sealant, satin pillowcases, volume fiber mascara, and growing serum for lashes. We believe that our clients’ skin care is important and we want to provide them with as many options and quality products as we can. Treating your skin well should be a daily routine, not a once in awhile application; we provide the resources you need to make that happen. We want you to feel and look great all the time because you deserve to. We are happy when we can give the gift of beautiful skin to you.