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Kika Lash Boutique is the best place in Dania Beach to sit back, relax, and let all your stress go down the drain. Our medical grade spa manicures and pedicures are sure to turn any day around or make the brightest of days that much brighter. At Kika Lash Boutique, you are sure to leave feeling like a new you.

Our nail salon can do it all. From just a regular polish change, to gel and paraffin treatments, Kika Lash Boutique takes care of you. Being a medical grade establishment for nails means that we can treat nail conditions that the regular nail salon cannot. Rather than ignore nail problems you may have, we acknowledge and address them, and provide you with treatments to help you gain the healthy beautiful nails you deserve. Discoloration, fungus, dry, irritated, or damaged nails are nothing that you have to be ashamed of; Kika Lash Boutique wants to help you repair and treat any nail issues you may be experiencing. With our oils, wraps, and treatments, we assure you that you can say goodbye to those brittle, embarrassing nails you try to hide. Instead, let us give you something you’ll want to show off and paint bright so everyone notices how great your nails look all the time.

Signature manicures and pedicures are always fun for everyone, so throw your next event here. Birthday parties, bridal showers, and even day-of events like weddings and shows; Kika Lash Boutique wants to be the ones you depend on. We can make your party one worth remembering, and everyone will leave with the treat of wonderful looking nails. For both manicures and pedicures, let Kika Lash Boutique give you style.