Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wanted beautiful, full, long lashes, but just didn’t know how to achieve that look? The answer is here! It is not something that just the stars can have; Kika Lash Boutique
offers a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to your lashes.… Learn More

Hair Coloring

Let’s face it, the trends and techniques of hair coloring changes yearly if not more often than that; it can be to stay up to date and in the know of what is hot and what is not. Fear no more, Kika Lash Boutique can guide you through all the latest hair coloring trends, helping you to achieve the hottest and most fashionable look…  Learn More

Hair Extensions

Kika Lash Boutique experts understand the struggle that comes from having thin hair that refuses to grow past a certain point. As Dania Beach’s top hair salon, we offer the only the very best in hair extensions; giving each of our clients the full head of hair they’ve always been envious of.  Long, voluptuous locks of flowing hair are attainable to those who truly desire them.…  Learn More

Eyebrow Threading

Want great eyebrows, but without the pain and burn that waxing can sometimes create so close to your eyes? Eyebrow Threading is the pain-free solution that can give you the results you’re after. Kika Lash Boutique offers eyebrow threading to give you the best-looking brows you have ever had, guaranteed to be pain-free.…  Learn More