Are you one of the many women who are curious about hair extensions in Dania Beach? It’s normal to have questions and concerns about them! In fact, it’s totally understandable since there are so many misconceptions out there surrounding hair extensions. Once you’re able to educate yourself on the truth versus the fiction of hair extensions, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision and determine whether they’re for you!

Today we’re going to cover a few myths surrounding hair extensions in Dania Beach.

  • Hair extensions only damage your healthy hair. This is one of the most popular myths concerning hair extensions! However, our Dania Beach salon stylists are highly experienced and educated in the art of applying, styling, and maintaining hair extensions. When applied and removed correctly, you don’t have to worry about damage to your hair.
  • Hair extensions prevent your natural hair from growing. This is another common myth that simply isn’t true. Hair extensions do not affect your hair’s natural growth in any way. In fact, your hair will continue to grow while you have your hair extensions in. You can even apply hair extensions to help with a more comfortable transition from short hair to long hair.
  • Hair extensions are uncomfortable and painful. You only need to worry about pain and discomfort if you’re having your hair extensions applied by someone who isn’t trained or educated in hair extensions. All of our Dania Beach salon stylists have completed extensive training to ensure they’re all properly certified to apply, style, and maintain your hair extensions.